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Never give up / And never say die
Because where there's a will there's a way
And you've got to try

And if that's all you’ve got / Man, that's all you need
Because all your friends are here and we belieeeeeeeeeeve

That’s why we never give up
And we never say die
Cause where there's a will there’s a way
and we’ll always try

We never give up
And we never back down
We dig our heels in / We grit our teeth
And we stand our ground

I used to think
that I wasn’t enough
and if couldn’t make it on my own
I might as well give up

but then i realized
the truth of what i have
my of my friends always with me
if i remember what they said
when they said;

We are here / so have no fear
We’ll always be beside you
feel our power inside of you
All our fists raised in the air
Are always with you everywhere

And you’ll never be alone
And it’s one-for-all-for-one!

Sometimes we fall / but man you gotta get up
Pick yourself up off of the ground
Don’t let it break you / just shake it off

Fight back against it
And remember what you know is true;
The strength you find inside your friends
is the power that they find in you

so look inside yourself
and when your fear is all you find
and the strength of your convictions
have been locked inside your mind
Don’t fall down to your anger and
Don’t hold on to your fear
remember what we told you
just remember that we’re here

Because this is our pride
If life’s a party it’s a battle / so let your flag fly
Arm in arm with our brothers and our sisters for all time

We never give up!
And we never back down
Face first! Full blast!
'Til we’re six feet underground

We never give up
We never turn our backs
when the going gets tough we GO
and thats a fact

Never give up!
keep the fury in your heart
And the fire in your eyes
Never give up
Never say die

So never give up / And never say day
But sometimes brothers and sister / what you have to say is

But we’re not giving up / And we’re not going home
We’re just going to the bar / and we hope to see you
At our next show

I love being a human.


from Cowabunga Pizza Time!, released November 7, 2015



all rights reserved


Cowabunga Pizza Time! Baltimore, Maryland

Cowabunga Pizza Time is a Baltimore based party rock/metal/punk band. They are a high energy 6 person tidal wave of fun and do all original songs about pizza, ninja stuff, skating, fighting bad guys, partying, pizza, and wearing denim vests. They have opened for such acts as Diarrhea Planet, The Biters, Peelander Zee and The Protomen. ... more

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